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Holy Moly & The Crackers are the innovative and fiery folk-rockers from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, who bombastically mash together unique flavours of soul, rock, indie and Balkan folk. However you want to describe them, one thing is sure - Holy Moly & The Crackers put on a raucous and feel good party, where everyone is invited, and have become renowned for their blazing live shows.

At the end of February 2020 the band set off on a 5-week tour of Europe. 2 weeks in, having performed across the Netherlands and Scandinavia, Coronavirus hit and the band were forced to race home. Fortunately their concerts up to March 13 were recorded and now they are being released on record. Who knows what the world will look or sound like after the pandemic is over, but here is a perfect window-in-time of Holy Moly at full throttle!

A1. Sugar
A2. All I Got Is You
A3. Gravel Rag
A4. River Neva
A5. Naked In Budapest
A6. River Neva
B7. Cold Comfort Lane
B8. Devil & The Danube
B9. Upside Down
B10. Road To You
B11. Whiskey Ain't No Good (with Rob Heron)