• Image of  'Take A Bite' Vinyl LP album (Green)

‘Take A Bite’ combines pop song craft with stomping, four to the floor backing, demonstrating the Newcastle-based sextet’s commerciality and ambition, as well as their ability to tackle personal lyrical fare, deftly led by vocalist Ruth Patterson. Further adorning their naturally expressive take on British folk with sizeable dollops of rock'n'soul, sharp indie-rock, vulnerable balladeering and festival-ready psychedelic trips towards the Middle East, 'Take A Bite' sets its stall confidently in the previously unoccupied space between the Gossip, Arctic Monkeys, the B52s and Gogol Bordello.

And while the violin and the accordion remain, the whole thing feels rawer now. Riff-heavy, even. With melodic choruses more in the vein of American rockers such as The Black Keys and Jack White, than the tweed and waistcoats of traditional UK folk. ‘Take A Bite’ reflects the diverse tastes of a band, comprised of six friends with six individual music tastes, who come together to make a sound greater than the sum of its parts.

A1. All I Got Is You
A2. Upside Down
A3. Can’t Get Enough
A4. Kiss Me Before You Go
A5. Sister
A6. I’d Give It All
B7. Take A Bite
B8. Through With Talking
B9. Who Do You Think You Are?
B10. Naked In Budapest
B11. This Little Light